This page contains a picture of The Nazi Flag. Please leave now if you are likely to be upset or offended by the photograph

Sadly Facebook have decided to remove all my Photographs of The Whitby War Weekend 2019 from my Facebook group. I have also been given a second facebook ban in 2 days.

The First ban was for posting the images on my Whitby Page on Facebook and lasted a full 24hours. Today I have been given a second ban for posting the images on My Facebook Group. The second ban is a three day ban and again the reason given was Harassment and Bullying.

It would appear that Facebook deem Photographs of legal war re-enactment in The Uk, as against their terms and conditions. The reason I have been given is that it constitutes bullying and harrassment.

So with that in mind, I will post the photographs here on my own Website. Please feel free to enjoy the photographs and to share them on Social media if you dare.