Nobody knows Whitby like the locals, and nobody knows the sea better than those of us who spend huge amounts of our time on, in or near the water.

Over the years I have fished from the piers and cliffs and walked the shorline of The Yorkshire Coast.

Winter anglers are certainly a crazy breed. Fishing the harshest of weather, accessing the shorline using ladders and ropes to get down, puts these guys in the category of “Mad”. (Thankfully I no longer work for North Yorkshire County Council, so I a have no fear of being told off by my bosses for referring to people as mad, bonkers, or just a little bit strange).

Why are you talking about Sea Anglers I hear you say ?? Well over the years as an angler you get to see amazing things, like these guys surfing. And, if I’m putting sea anglers in the mad category, then I Have to put the local surfers in the crazy bonkers insane category.

Now dont get me wrong, I’m not being critical of these guys. To me, the people who fit at the crazy end of the scale are the types of people I respect most in life. Rather than sitting home, growing fat and old whilst watching incessant shite on the TV box thing, these people are out there living a life, pushing the boundaries and enjoying every second of it. These boys (And girls) have my highest level of respect, they are what makes the Yorkshire Coast that special place that it is.

When I saw the forecast, which most of the online weather channels got wrong. I felt there would be a long distance swell from the east still rolling into Whitby. With the high tide mid afternoon, I knew these guys would be on the water.

I spent that last few hours of the day watching the surfers. Admittedly my footage isnt that awesome, and the fast moving surfers certainly tests the focus system of my Fuji XT2. But I can only work with what I have, and I hope I have done my best.

I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section. I went for a bit more upbeat music on this one after a few comments about the music on my earlier videos. Hopefully the music is a bit more upbeat for my buddy Mike Marshall of Yorkshire Coast fossils 😉

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