Whitby At Christmas Part 2 – Boxing Day Dip And Esk Paddle Boarding.

Whitby at Christmas parts 1 and 3 can be found at the links towards the end of this video.

This video shows the new for 2018 event of paddle boarders on the River Esk. Im not sure what the event is actually called, or if it even has a name yet, but the event was organised by Mary Davies along with Whitby Fitness Machine. Mary takes the part of Mother Mary in the first part of this video which I shall entitle Nativity On The Esk.

The event, as mentioned, was new for 2018 and involved Whitby paddle boarders along with members of the Whitby Fitness Machine Gym, some of whom enjoyed their first ever paddle on The Esk.

The event doubled as a fundraiser for the “Whitby Wish Charity”. Children of those participating sang Carols at the bridge end whilst their parents were on the water. The event raised several hundred pounds for its designated charity.

The second part of the video shows The now annual Whitby Boxing Day Dip which raises money for the Whitby Lions Charity.

For more information on The Boxing Day Dip please Google Whitby Lions and visit their internet website.

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