This year we have started to get our 2019 Calendar range ready for sale much earlier than usual. With Chris and Zara opening their shop on Khyber Pass, and with lots of other new outlets opening up for us in 2018 I felt it best to get them out as early as possible.

You can buy any of our Whitby And Yorkshire Calendars Right Here On The Website.

Retail and Wholesale Enquires Are Welcomed. contact us at


So far we have stock of Five Calendars, The Whitby Colour Calendar 2019, The Staithes Calendar 2019, The Sandsend Calendar 2019, The North York Moors Calendar 2019, and a very beautiful Barn Owl Calendar 2019, all featuring local scenes right here in Yorkshire. We will be adding lots more local Calendars to our range over the next couple of months.

As usual the Calendars have been printed for us by Jason at The “My Local Calendar Company”. The quality, as always, is exceptional, and Im sure you are just going to love this years offerings.

Where Can you Buy Calendars Of Whitby And Yorkshire ??

Khyber Barr – Khyber Pass

As mentioned above, we have recently stocked out Chris And Zara’s beautiful new shop The Khyber Bar on Khyber Pass right here in Whitby. Khyber Barr will stock a range of the calendars alongside our Canvases and greetings cards.

Windy Corner Cafe Whitby

The wonderful Carol Hixon at Windy Corner Cafe will once again carry the full range of our Calendars, alongside the Windy Corner Whitby Canvas Wall, and of course a huge range of our greeting cards. As always I am massively grateful to Carol for her continued support both at a business and personal level.

The Endeavour Cafe Whitby

The recently opened Endeavour Cafe on Langbourne Rd opposite The Coop is also stocking our Calendars in 2018. Karen And Mark run a very inviting cafe and I’m sure anyone visiting will simply love the place. Endeavour cafe also stocks a range of our Canvases and of course our fantastic Greetings Cards

Sandsend Stores – Sandend

Alex at Sandsend has taken The Sandsend Calendar 2019 and has lots of stock. Please drop by and support this beautiful independent local business.

The Barn Owl Cafe Staithes

Newly opened for 2018, The Barn Owl Cafe at Staithes is simply beautiful. Every so often you go to one of those places and walk into something quite special. Comfortable and extremely welcoming The Barn owl Cafe has a great range of local produce on sale. The icing on the cake is that they also stock our Cards, Calendars and some framed Prints. Drop by to get your 2019 Staithes or Barn owl calendar.

The Whitby Photography Shop On Ebay.

Once again our full range Of Whitby And Yorkshire Calendars will be on Ebay. They are marked up slightly to cover Ebay fees. Its always best to shop direct on this website. However, if Ebay is where you do your shopping, then get them here.

Whitby And Yorkshire Calendars On Amazon

Once again our full range will be available on The Amazon Platform.

The Whitby Photography Online Shop

The number one place online to get your calendars is right here on our very own website. The full range of Yorkshire And Whitby Calendars is available right here.