Mike Marshall photographing the moon rising over Saltwick Sisters.

Moonrise At Saltwick Sistsers

The ideal photography course for beginners or someone who wants to further their knowledge of photography. Courses are available at times to suit the client, however we do favour evenings and sunsets whenever possible. Our courses cover the general basics including composition, aperture and shutter speed.

There is no set Itinerary, so the day is tailored to the customer, taking into account their existing knowledge, interests, and levels of fitness.

Our courses are 4 hours in length, and although our preference is evenings during the summer, we are available at all times of day to suit the customer.

Price of £120 is a total cost for up to 2 people. So for 2 people thats £60 each. Please add £50 per person for more than 2 people (max 4). A £50 deposit per day is required to place a booking.

We can usually find an area to photograph regardless of conditions, but should the weather be too bad we offer alternative dates or a full refund of deposit.

Please email Glenn at whitbyphotography1@gmail.com for more details or booking.

Rosedale Woods Photography With Mike Marshall

Rosedale Woods Photography With Mike Marshall