Im sure most people realise that the sun set moves throughout the year. Using Whitby West Pier as a point of reference I aim to post a sunset from each month of the year in 2017.

If possible I will take them from the lighthouse. However, if its not open or possible for any reason I will take them from somewhere on the West Pier.

January Sunset At Whitby – Saturday 14th Jan 2017

January’s photograph was taken on Saturday the 14th, the day after the big storm surge that hit the town hard causing flooding, damage to property and leaving some onlookers who got a little too close, with some quite bad injuries.

I had walked into town to grab some photographs of the damage caused by the storm of the previous day. As the Lighthouse was open I decided for some shots from the top. When i went to pay the entry fee I had no Money in my wallet, but the lady knew me and knew of my photographs and said i did enough to promote the town and the lighthouse so i could go up free of charge. That was a nice gesture and Im very grateful to the lady for that.

As you can see, In January the sun sets right over Whitby almost in the south. Its a long way until mid summer when hopefully we can capture the sun setting in the sea off Sandsend ness for at least two months and perhaps even 3 if we get the right weather. From memory, the first sunset into the sea visible from the piers is in late May.


A Whitby Sunset in January 2017 Taken from The Top Of Whitby Lighthouse On Whitby West Pier

A Whitby Sunset in January 2017 Taken from The Top Of Whitby Lighthouse On Whitby West Pier

February Sunset At Whitby – Tuesday 14th Feb 2017 (My Birthday 🙂 )

Its been a cold month with endless grey skies and damp uninspiring days. But on February the 14th, my birthday, the sun shone once again and enabled me to capture the February Sunset photograph for this 12 month Project.

As you can see by comparing Februarys photograph to that from January above, the sun is starting its journey out to the western skies for sunset. Although the lighthouse was closed today, I took this image from virtually the same place, just lower down at ground Level.

The sunset was at 5.09pm today, thats full 62 minutes later than it was in the last photograph taken on the 14th January 2017 when Sun set over the Royal Hotel at Whitby at 4.07pm