Im sure I’ve mentioned many times before, Im not really one for early morning photography. Ive always been a bit of a night owl, so getting up for sunrise has proven difficult for me over the years.

With sunrise time getting around to a more reasonable hour of 6.45am I decided to have a go at getting my lazy ass out of bed recently. As always, I checked the weather forecast and the potential looked good. I always believe you need cloud with clear patches to make for a great sunrise. Without the cloud there is little to capture the colour in the sky.

I was up at 5.30, a quick coffee then out. I didn’t venture far, going just around the corner to The Whale Bones.

I could see by the cloud it was going to be quite a nice one. A gap on the horizon for the sun to rise into, with cloud above to light up and hold colour.

On arrival I fired off a couple of test shots to get a feel for light levels and exposure times, then I waited.

Sunrise At Whitby West Cliff

Sunrise At Whitby West Cliff. That pre Dawn Glow Begins

It was 6.30am before the real magic began, Gradually the sky lit with an array of colours, Pinks, purples, yellows and oranges. My task now, to get the shots I wanted into the short time span before the sun hits the horizon when the colours would start to disappear and normal daylight set in.

For the next 15 minutes I dashed around like a man possessed, with an aim of getting as much out of the shoot as possible. Again, those who know me, will tell you that once I start, and my mind is focussed I work fast and cover many angles. I know that may sound like very bad practice to a lot of the pros who take 2 hours over each shot, but its just how I am, and thats how I work.

Sunrise Over Whitby Harbour September 2017

Sunrise Over Whitby Harbour September 2017