A video from our You Tube Channel shows The annual return of Salmon and Sea Trout to The Yorkshire Esk. Every year fish return to the river in which they were born. After several years at sea the fish return to spawn and produce the next generation of migratory fish.

Entering The Esk at Whitby the fish swim as far inland as Kildale which is some 20 miles from the sea.

Many of these fish have been as far as Greenland and Iceland and are thought to return to the exact gravel bed on which they were born many years earlier

Fish tagged at Ruswarp have been caught in Iceland in passed years. The river Esk is one of England’s top sea trout rivers, and at one time (due to pollution) was Yorkshires only Salmon river.

Scientists believe that once in the general area of the north sea, these fish can smell the correct river to return to. That has to be one of the most amazing facts in nature.

On the right days if you wait patiently on the river bank you can see the fish returning and making thier passage upstream. River Esk migratory fish swim as far up the river as Commondale and Kildale which is roughly 20 miles from the mouth of The Esk at Whitby.

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