The Abbey, The Pond, Ducks, Swallows and a misty sunset.This has to be one of the best images in my collection, what more could you want from a photograph ??

This amazing photograph is available from A5 prints right up to Giant size Canvases of 5ft (Please ask about the larger sizes – Contact By Email Please).

The photograph came about quite by chance. There had been several days of fog at Whitby and visibility was poor. I had sensed by the light levels that the sun may not be far away so I had a ride out in the car.

The views were not that inspiring as the fog was stubbornly hanging about, and I was on my way home as I drove down Hawsker Lane, but as I neared the Abbey I could see the sky was clearing. The next 90 minutes were dynamite for photographs and resulted in this image and my amazing Harvest Moon rising photograph.

A Misty Sunset Over Whitby Abbey

A Misty Sunset Over Whitby Abbey