I am currently working on a set of Photography Walks in and around the Whitby area for this Autumn, Winter and for next year.

So far the walks are only in the planning stage as there are many things to put in place before we can begin, such as Insurance and health and safety risk management assessments of the walks.

Many of the local walks, where any risk is at a minimum, I will be leading on my own. I also intended to do some harder more adventurous photography walks with my good friend Mike Marshall.

With a focus on the coastline these walks will be for the more adventurous amongst you. Mike who runs Yorkshire Coast Fossils is also a keen and excellent photographer. His knowledge of the local coastline is second to none, and between us we hope to deliver coastline photography packages of the highest order.

At Present a pricing structure has not been agreed, but we envisage a price range in the area of £60 to £100 per workshop / walk with a maximum of 6 people per walk, or a maximum of 4 on the more difficult walks.

Booking will be through Eventbrite, or our website shop. Gift Vouchers for birthdays and Christmas gifts for your friends or relatives will also be available.

Amongst the walks we hope to lead in the coming 12 months are :

  • Local Wildlife Walks – Lead by myself and Mike Marshall we will aim to put you infront of the best wildlife you can find on the Yorkshire Coast. More details to follow very soon.
  • Local ShoreLine Walks – Lead by myself and Mike Marshall visiting places like Whitby, Sandsend and Runswick Scars. Some of these walks could be in Autumn with a focus on