This page contains a picture of The Nazi Flag. Please leave now if you are likely to be upset or offended by the photograph

Not for the first time, my job has got me another ban from the powers that be over at Facebook. Im sure many of you will remember my last ban, not too long ago, for posting photographs I took at The Whitby Goth Weekend. The offending picture being that of an attendee at The annual Goth festival dressed in a German SS outfit.

On that occasion, as is normal for me, I made no comment on the Photograph other than to outline where and when it was taken and what was going on (Ie The Goth Festival).

Today I attended The second Whitby War Weekend. The event is a war re-enactment weekend with an emphasis on historical education. The event is friendly and a large number of families were in attendance. Everyone appeared to really enjoy the event and looked to be having a great time.

Anyone familiar with my style of photography will know that I shot a range of photographs across the day with the aim of telling the story as it unfolded.

On my return home I edited and posted numerous shots from the day to Facebook. Once again on of my photographs has got me