Night Time Photography Tuition Led By Andrew Dawson And Glenn Kilpatrick

The ideal photography course for those of you who know how to use your cameras but would like to take things a step further and start taking pictures at night. Our courses cover the basics of night photography and aim to give you the building blocks to take your photography to the next level.

We have dates available most evenings. Please get in touch for more details, to discuss dates or to make a booking –

Whitby West Pier Northern Lights

Northern Lights At Whitby West Pier By Glenn Kilpatrick

There is no set Itinerary, so the day is tailored to the customer, taking into account their existing knowledge, interests, and levels of fitness. We can work in Whitby or on the local coast and within the Esk Valley and North York Moors National Park.

Our courses are 4 hours in length, what subject matter can be varied and tailored to your needs. We can shoot local iconic places such as The Abbey, The 199 Steps, the Piers etc, or if conditions allow we can offer some astro photography. Astro Photography will be dependent on the weather and factors such as moonrise, Milky Way visibility etc.

Price of £60 person for 4 hours, starting at Dusk. This course needs a minimum of 2 customers for it to run. The Maximum we will take on each course is 6 which gives a ratio of 1 tutor to 3 customers allowing us to give a fair amount of our time to each valued customer.

If a single person wishes to book the entire course for himself then the price is £150 which is great value for money giving you access to 2 photographers with extensive knowledge of night photography. 

A £20 deposit per person is required to place a booking. The course will run as Long as we can get two people or if you take the £150 offer for yourself.

We can usually find an area to photograph regardless of conditions, but should the weather be too bad we offer alternative dates or a full refund of deposit. Cancellation is at the tutors discretion but we will make every effort to ensure we do not let you down.

Please email Glenn at for more details or booking.

Andrew Dawson – Middlesbrough Based photographer with an eye for the night skies with excellent published work focussing on The Milky Way and The Aurora Borealis. Andrew has been enjoying night photography for almost a decade now and his work was recently recognised by The North York Moors National Park who are utilising Andrews photographs to promote their Winter Night Skies project within the park.

The Milky Way At Rosedale By Andrew Dawson

The Milky Way At Rosedale By Andrew Dawson

Glenn Kilpatrick – Whitby based photographer with a passion for night photography in and around Whitby. Glenn loves to photograph the streets of Whitby at night and has a passion for black and white night photography of the town. Glenn’s pictures of The Northern lights have also been featured nationally by The Independent Newspaper and also my The Met office.

Whitby Abbey With Pinks, purples And Orange. Illuminated Abbey At Whitby

Whitby Abbey At Night By Glenn Kilpatrick

Whitby Harbour Near The Moon And Sixpence - 94mm iso 200 f8 28 sec.

Whitby Harbour Near The Moon And Sixpence – 94mm iso 200 f8 28 sec.

Course Requirements

  • A decent camera, DSLR, Mirrorless, Bridge, and a working knowledge of its functions. Basically we expect you to be able to locate the settings for Shutter Speed, Aperture And ISO. We don’t expect you to know what settings to use as that is what we will help you with. So long as you can find the buttons, menu items for Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO then we can help with the rest.
  • A Sturdy Tripod that your familiar with using.
  • Lenses – We should be able to help you take photographs with most lens, however, please remember for landscape and Astro Photography then wider lenses are probably more suitable. Please get in touch for advice. Samyang currently do an amazing lens for Astro Photography that will fit most cameras. The Samyang 12mm Prime f.2 can be bought for around £200 and is a perfect starter lens for anyone wanting to shoot stars and night landscapes. Don’t be put off if you don’t have the best lenses, we can help everyone improve their night photography.
  • A desire to learn. Although 4 hours is not a massive amount of time, the course will give you some great information and tips for improving your night time photography. After leaving us you should have the tools to go away and start taking night photographs. Always remember that the best way to learn and improve is to get out there and practice. The harder you work at your photography the better your photographs will become.

Night Photography Tuition 2016 Prices.

Minimum of 2 people needed for a course to run. Alternatively book the whole course for yourself.

Night Photography Course Price Per Person (Min 2 Required)

£60Each. Email For Dates
  • Price Per Person

Night Photography Course - Full Course For Yourself

£150Email For Dates
  • Full Course For Yourself