Whitby On New Years Eve (Yorkshire)

The now annual (weather permitting) bonfires and firework displays on Tate Hill Beach in Whitby. Every Christmas and New Year seems to get busier here at Whitby.

The post Christmas period from Boxing Day to New Years Day has seen a mass of visitors in the town and surrounding villages. Numbers look to match those of summer.

I wonder if part of this is related to Brexit with more and more people staying in the Uk rather than holidaying abroad. The New Years Eve celebration in 2018 saw a mass of people in the town.

As usual there were numerous fires on Tate Hill beach, and when the clock finally struck midnight there were fantastic firework display to be seen in every direction.

Fireworks were let off from Tate Hill Beach, The Abbey Headland, Captain Cooks Monument and all along the west cliff. Sandsend and Raithwaite areas also appeared to have huge firework displays too.

Basically this is just a get together of the local community and visitors. There is no local authority involvement, no health and safety nonsense and no interference from The Police or any do gooders with nothing better to do on a New Years Eve, and long may it continue this way.

Whitby at its best.

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