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Whitby Goth Weekend has always brought controversy when discussed on Social Media. The Risqué attire worn be some attendees and a perceived lack of respect for the dead of St Mary’s Graveyard has often brought conflict with the towns community and with many visitors to the town too.

Over the years Ive photographed a lot of the attendees at The Goth Weekend. Scantily clad ladies covered with little more than balloons, People sat on Gravestones, witches in the streets and Grim Reapers on the steps have all been called disrespectful to Whitby by posters on Social Media.

Today I posted a photograph I have posted many times before on Facebook. But something different happened this time… a 3 day ban.

The Photograph is of a giant of a man dressed in an SS Outfit stood on Church Street during one of the many Goth Weekends of years gone by.

Facebook state the photograph breaks its terms and conditions. Im not sure which ones, and in all honesty Im not bothered enough to try and work it out. Facebook aren’t the Police, they cant lock you up, so I always believe the best approach is to let the ban pass then just get on with using Facebook until they issue you with the next ban.

The situation as I see it… I am a documentary style photographer based in Whitby. I photograph as many things as possible whilst trying to stay objective in my approach to what I do. I doubt I will ever change my approach to what I do.

I have never ducked out of photographing the controversial stuff. Be it fox Hunting, Nazi’s at Goth Weekend, or People disrespecting the graveyard, Ive photographed it all. I try not to pass judgement if at all possible.

The day when one can not report news (old or new) in the form of photographs through social media is a very sad day indeed for any photojournalist.

Thank god I still have my website to express my views. For those able to think through and debate the situation, perhaps you could think about : Was the man right to dress up in this way ? Should he have been arrested ? What would he be charged with ?  Is it wrong to photograph such a situation ? Please feel free to give your thoughts on these questions, and anything else below.

The Offending Article. - German SS Guard At Whitby Goth Weekend.

The Offending Article – German SS Guard At Whitby Goth Weekend.

You may also enjoy our article Whitby Goth Weekend The Hall Of Shock