A few people have now asked for copies of the photographs I took of the recent Helicopter Rescue Here At Whitby including Humberside Search And rescue, Whitby Coastguard And Whitby Lifeboat.


Humberside Search And Rescue Helicopter At Whitby Beach Feb 15th 2016

Humberside Search And Rescue Helicopter At Whitby Beach Feb 15th 2016

It would be wrong of me to try benefit financially from what was an emergency situation. Also it would be difficult to sell the images on behalf of the charities involved, due to rules and regulations etc. Anyone who knows me knows I do not have a personal love of bureaucracy so I wouldn’t want to get into anything official.

What I propose to do is give the images away free of charge. You may download them from this folder on my google drive.

The images are processed and ready to print. They are full resolution JPEG Photographs with no Watermark attached. The sizes are roughly 4000 by 2700 Pixels. These will print to A1 size with Ease.

I give all my readers permission to take these images free of charge. Please do not try to benefit financially from them yourselves. All money from them must got to Coastguard Or RNLI.

I ask for nothing in return, other than asking you to consider a contribution of your choice to The Coastguard Or RNLI next time you see the guys local to yourself shaking the bucket.

I am informed that The Coastguard itself can not accept donations, however the RNLI can and there are collections boxes in most places around Whitby and in all towns right across this country.

Alternatively the Coastguard association may be able to accept donations. If your stuck just give something to The RNLI, Im sure it all helps.

Obviously if your skint and cant afford to give anything I dont mind. Just take the photographs anyway, and if ever you can help in the future just throw a few quid in the tub at one of the fundraising events.

What To Do To Get Your Pictures ??