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Sandsend Boilers At The Bottom Of Sandsend Goat Track

Sandsend Boilers At The Bottom Of Sandsend Goat Track

It’s been quite some time since I last visited the Boilers At Sandsend. Myself and good friend Mike Marshall decided to meet at Sandsend Car Park at 7pm.

We took the short walk along the cliff top footpath taking a couple of shots as we walked. The cliffs hold so many memories for me. As kids we often played on the clifftops, collecting seagulls eggs, walking through the old railway tunnel and exploring all the nooks and crannies of the cliffside. I believe that someone up there is even a well hidden money tree, and also not forgetting the ghost of pad pad, half man half goat who is believed to live in the tunnel and roams the cliffs late at night.

As an adult I also spent a great many hours up on those cliffs. Fishing numerous marks known as Bernies Ledge, Rabbit Holes, Top Of The World and High Cliff we would spend many many winter hours sat on the cliff ledges waiting for the cod to bite. It is from this area that I first saw The Northern Lights.

We took the pathway to the shoreline below and walked on towards Goldsborough. The Sunset was quite subtle and the colours were quite surreal at times. I think my cameras white balance really struggle to capture them correctly.

Here are the photographs from our walk at Sandsend. I hope you enjoy them and I would love to here your positive feedback in the comments section below.

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Mike Marshall Photographing Whitby From Sandsend Boilers.

Mike Marshall Photographing Whitby From Sandsend Boilers.

Whitby From Sandsend Cliffs

Whitby From Sandsend Cliffs Cleveland Way